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Cornhole Game Board Sets


Cornhole (Corn In The Hole) Bean Bag Tailgate Toss Game Board Sets for Home, Camp, Tailgate and College


Cornhole is a fun family game, can be played by all ages and is a must have for all college students


Cornhole is one of the fastest growing and most popular outdoor games found across the US.  Also called Corn Toss, Bean Bag Toss,

Tailgate Toss, Baggo and Corn In The Hole, it can be found being played in backyards, graduations, cottages, camps, outdoor parties

and especially at all college dorms, apartments and tailgating events.


Each Cornhole Set comes with 2 fully assembled boards with fold-out legs and 8 bags in two colors


Our boards are made from premium 2x4's with swing out legs.  These are heavy-duty units and the sturdy 2x4 frame will reduce bounce.  The top is made from 1/2" cabinet grade exterior AB plywood.  Boards are sanded and ready for paint and your custom decals.  The sets come with 8 Regulation Size Duck Cloth (Canvas) 6" x 6" Bags and filled with Whole Shelled Corn, Double Stitched with color matching Upholstery Thread.